3 years of love and good food

Ryan and I celebrated our third anniversary this past 25th of July. That means three years of love for each other and three years of sharing good food together! I can’t believe it. It seemed like yesterday when I first met him at a sushi party, of all places! It’s funny because both of us were dragged by our friends at that party (we didn’t know the host that well). I guess it was our love of food in general and sushi in particular that brought us together. I am so thankful that he’s so adventurous when it comes to food. I think the only thing that he would not try are the really crazy and bizarre delicacies that Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern) would eat. Because of his enthusiasm with new stuff, I love cooking for him and trying out new recipes.

Because our anniversary fell on a Monday, I decided to just prepare a three-course dinner at home. Nothing elaborate, just a mix and match of good food. Overall, it took me maybe an hour and a half to prepare everything. Since both of us had to work that day, I started making the meals when I came home from work so for that I had to choose dishes that are easy to make, yet really tasty and will impress my guy. When he came home, he gave me these beautiful, big, yellow Oriental Lilies. The flowers were so fragrant and so pretty that they made the dinner more special.

We started with sipping our favorite Pinot Noir, relaxing and keeping up with news and updates about our long day. We chatted, complained  about our day, express happiness and relief that we’re finally home and the day is over and we’d finally get to unwind. Then it was time for dinner. Ryan had no idea what was in store for him that day. He knew I was making dinner, but he did not know what I was going to make. [I did not prepare any bizarre food 🙂 ]

For starters, we had the Salad with warm goat cheese. Ryan has never had this salad before and according to him, this salad has the most interesting taste, from the somewhat crunchy goat cheese to the sweet/vinegary dressing of the salad. Even I was impressed with how good this salad is. I have made the vinaigrette before but this is the first time I made the goat cheese. The salad really complemented the red wine that we have.

Next, I served him Caprese. Whenever I’m making stuff for the first time, I look forward to his reactions and comments (or complaints or suggestions). For this appetizer, he used the words “very flavorful, this is my favorite!, what is this? this is so awesome!” to describe it. I must admit, the combination of juicy tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella cheese made this a very refreshing meal. To make it even better, Ryan thought it was difficult to make when in fact, it just took me 5-10min  to prepare this.

For the main course, we had oven-roasted lemon chicken with baked potatoes in olive oil and grilled portabella mushrooms  and asparagus as sides. It is my first time roasting a whole chicken so I was kind of nervous about the outcome, , this was our main dish! Boy was I so relieved when I cut the chicken meat and saw that it is cooked all the way, and just right that the juice of the chicken was retained. What’s even better is you can taste the lemon in every bite. I particularly love the skin, because it turned out to be oh-so-crunchy. Because I successfully roasted a whole chicken, maybe I can do turkey next! (But that’s gonna be another blog post…) The portabella mushrooms and asparagus were cooked perfectly (special thanks to Ryan because he was the one who diligently watched it while it was cooking on the grill).

It was really a fun and memorable anniversary dinner. Even I could not believe that I would be able to make everything in such a short time. And the best part is, Ryan enjoyed every bite. Even though we had a home-cooked dinner, it was a very special moment and food tasted so good too. Not only that, our little princess Maya the talker also got to celebrate it with us (she had a bone). It is such a beautiful life….


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