I enjoy experiments! I spent my five years in college studying chemistry, 
and another five years getting my postgraduate degree in biochemistry. 
I get engrossed with the needed precision, planning and concentration 
to make everything run right. Maybe this is the reason why I came to 
love cooking, because it is very similar to research. You throw in some 
stuff together, put a dash of seasoning, without knowing how it would 
taste or look like in the end. Then when you are not satisfied with the 
outcome, you take notes so you can troubleshoot the next time you make
it again. So it is no wonder that spending time in the kitchen and trying
out new recipes is my one way to de-stress from a long week of stressful 
work. I do not have formal training in cooking, I just find it so
enjoyable and relaxing. :)

I created this blog to share recipes with family, friends, friends of
friends, and even strangers. And to show that cooking is not that 
daunting. I also put my stories so it is more personal. I hope you guys 
enjoy browsing through my blog, and feel free to leave a comment or 
share this with friends.


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